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Has anyone accessed the api or via MQTT using .net and c#.

This would be my code of choice so any help would be appreciated.


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    No, but I am using the API in a Visual Studio Project with .Net and VB.

    Did you want to know something specific?

  • I'm doing it in plain old C (with libjson-c to parse the JSON that's returned).

    I stole the schema to decode the JSON from the python sample I found at Fetch data from a Hildebrand Glow device over MQTT · GitHub (I even took a look at the wonderfully exquisite SEP from the Zigbee folks, that's 628 pages of good solid bedtime reading).

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    I'm working on creating a .Net class library for accessing the Glowmarkt API but I'm still working on modelling out the JSON Objects to .Net Classes.

    So far I've got a version with Authentication, Get Resources and Get Meter Readings implemented that just return the JSON results.

    I'll hopefully have a version uploaded on GitHub in the next few days:


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    I used the Visual Studio option to copy and paste special to class for Authenticate and Resources, but didn't bother for the readings as it's just time and value.

    The Bright app does most of the stuff I need BUT I want to store the historical data, and I understand the meters only store 1 year's worth of data?

    I will be exporting the hourly data for a selected time frame as CSV, then importing into a spreadsheet, along with inside/outside temperature that I am storing. I don't think I'll return cost information, as this can be easily calculated in a spreadsheet containing the tariff information.

    Out of interest, has anyone else extracted the tariff information? I have found that the exact same request will return the data in a different order in subsequent requests, it may just be the gas tariff.

    What I would like to do is show the gas live consumption, but not sure how to calculate it. I know it's only updated every 30 minutes but it may still be useful.

    I have found an anomaly that I haven't yet resolved, in that if I return the total power used since 13th January 2021, when I had my meters fitted I get 197.8619. This isn't the same as the current meter reading of 199924 (199.924), but I wonder if the Year value holds only complete days?

    Interested in other people's experiences

  • Apologies if this is too little, too late.

    I received my IHD/CAD today and spent a few hours this evening writing a .NET 6.0 microservice that processes the MQTT messages from GlowMarkt and emits a somewhat simpler, easier to consume MQTT message to another broker. I'm developing a home energy monitoring system running on a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster as part of an upcoming solar PV installation.

    The project is here: https://github.com/smorgo/GlowMeterDataMonitor

    I hope that it's of use. Feel free to ask if there's anything I can help with.

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