Bright redesign coming - any requests?

Hello everyone - hope you are enjoying your weekend!

As it is now around six years since we launched the UK's first energy monitoring App, it is time to give it an overhaul.

We've a list of suggestions for improvements we could make based on emails you've sent us over the years - but thought we'd also ask on our forum if there are ideas you'd like to put forward for us to consider.

Export might not be included at launch but as we've now (a year after ordering it) got a lot more capacity in our DCC connection, hopefully export support is getting closer.

Please post your thoughts here.


  • Hi - can you show export please!!

    I have solar panels and would like to see my export readings ; current app shows my import and often on good days I can see a flat line of zero import.

    Seeing the export data of what I am pushing out would be great - or even just being able to see the export data.

    Cheers M.

  • Thank you @EJMD - we have it high on our list! We had a full solar product ten years ago (clamp based with generation, the Shine App) - and have now got a lot of the backend functionality in place to support solar. Can you work with APIs and code? we are publishing export for a lot of people in that channel.

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