What should/can my CAD do?

I am still learning how to take advantage of my CAD.

Although I am getting some reading from my Smart Meter (EDMI ES-10b), I am not able to determine the kWh used during the Off_Peak timeslots.

In the MQTT data stream, I am able to see the "Cumulative" (which as you know is the day & night added together), but without a counter for one or the other, I am not able to get the full picture.

I can physically go to the ES-10b and get the RT1 and RT2 values, so the Smart Meter holds the information I want.

But is the problem, that my CAD is not reading my ES-10b correctly? Or is the ES-10b not making the information available to the CAD? If it is the latter - the ESP-10b is not presenting it to the CAD, should it? Or is this another design flaw in the SMETS2 specifications?

Regards, Martin


  • From my understanding the CAD displays / shows exactly what is sent by the meter, it can't do anything else. So the issue is with the meter. Do you have the supplied IHD to compare with, does it show the two rates? The other issue is which firmware version the meter is running. My ES-10b is 3 versions behind the latest. The supplier doesn't seem to keep the meter up to date, preferring to leave a working version rather than risk an upgrade. This is quite a useful link to find out some details on your meter.


  • The gray smoke escaped from the original IHD a long time ago! I was then supplied with an "IVE Bud" which was very dumb. Not even the cumulative values. As you can guess, I've now got this Glow CAD.

    So, turning my attention to the ES-10B, it was supplied when I was on a single tariff. I am now on a dual ToU tariff with Octopus. Is it likely that to see the two reads (Day & Night) I have to get Octopus to do something? If that is the case, do you know what I need to ask for. While trying to get through the "first-line" support, it is a lot easier to be brief and firmly ask "Please do ..."

    Re: Your firmware. How did you find your firmware version? Looking at the site you linked, I see this:

    Electricity Meter (Energy Supplier responsibility)
    Device Type: ESME
    Manufacturer: EDMI [106C]
    Model: ES-10B [10E2A100]
    GUID: redacted
    Installed: 2022-06-20
    Firmware Certified: 10/06/2021
    Firmware Age: 3 [0314B700] (number of newer versions available)
     - Export MPAN configured [2200043543164]
     - Import MPAN configured [2200021723572]
    Security Expiry Date: 2024-06-22 00:00:00

    What can I learn regarding my firmware version and age from this? I'm guessing my firmware version is 314B700?

    Thanks for all the help.

    Regards, Martin

  • As I understand it the number in brackets is the current firmware version (same as mine) and the Age is the firmware age i.e. there are 3 later versions.

    No idea how you would communicate the issue with Octopus. I would suggest emailing support directly and ask them why you're only seeing one tariff, they are very helpful and will tell you what's wrong and provide the magic words to send to Octopus.

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