SMETS1 meter upgrade


I am with Octopus Energy and have a SMETS1 meter which they are able to read without me needing to send in meter readings.

I really want one of the IHD's or just the Glowstick, but I am confused as to which version to buy.

The supplier have told me that my meter will be upgraded, remotely, to SMETS2 in the next few months.

Does this mean I would need a SMETS2 device or would a SMETS1 work as the meter is a SMETS1 original?



  • Hello! Sorry for not seeing your question earlier - if your meters are SMETS1 you will always need a device with a SMETS1 certificate even after they are migrated to the SMETS2 infrastructure. That means you could either use our GlowStick (as you are with Octopus) or the Display/CAD but the SMETS1 variant. If you are still confused - do drop us an email to

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