Standard rate instead of Agile

Hey all, I'm on Octopus Agile, and whist I can see the Agile rates on my device, my MQTT data is using a standard rate:

    "electricitymeter": {
        "timestamp": "2024-01-20T19:08:06Z",
        "energy": {
            "export": {
                "cumulative": 0,
                "units": "kWh"
            "import": {
                "cumulative": 8923.032,
                "day": 9.088,
                "week": 75.893,
                "month": 317.976,
                "units": "kWh",
                "mpan": "redacted",
                "supplier": "Octopus Energy",
                "price": {
                    "unitrate": 0.3308,
                    "standingcharge": 0.4277
        "power": {
            "value": 0.453,
            "units": "kW"

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


  • Hi - the IHD has no view of the Agile rates - Octopus do not load them onto the meter.

    You can get your agile rates from the Octopus APIs


  • Hmm, sorry for blank reply, it comes up with a toast saying 404 if I use the 'quote' link...

     the IHD has no view of the Agile rates

    Yet, the IHD is displaying the Agile rates! So can you define "has no view"? The IHD is both displaying the agile rates, and sending out the MQTT. So I don't really understand why it can't send the correct (agile) rate along with the MQTT.

  • Because the mqtt is driven directly from the meter comms - what is on the display is informed from the server - I am not adding stuff to the mqtt -from the server for a variety of reasons - specifically if the wan comms are down it would break any local mqtt and I dont want to do that.

    In this case the age rates are freely available from Octopus - get then from there.

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