Last Will and Testament

Are there any plans for the Glow/CAD to publish a LWT topic?

It would be really useful for the (rare) times the CAD loses comms.

I'm using openHAB with my MQTT broker, so it would be possible to create some rule to handle it, but I'm just wondering if I'm missing something. How do other people handle this?

Suggestions welcome.


  • I would find this useful too or perhaps a topic that gives the current connection state of the CAD to the meter and signal strength?

    I've had a coupe of grid outages and the CAD hasn't reconnected back to the meter when the meter has powered back on (note: the CAD has remained powered up during the outage due to backup battery). After discussing with support they indicated that it could take up to an hour to reconnect. This is OK but it does mean that you lose an hours worth of local MQTT data which results in any local control failing. Perhaps a MQTT topic to request the CAD to try reconnecting to the meter would be useful as well?

  • Just reboot the IHD - that will trigger the reconnect.

  • Can you do that remotely?

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