Help! - My CAD stopped connecting to the smart meter.

Everything has been working fine for months. Starting yesterday morning, both my IHD (supplied by the energy supplier), and my Glow CAD unit have stopped working. The CAD just stays on the 'Connecting to your smart meter' screen, but shows as connected to my wifi. Anyone else having issues?


  • Mine keeps regularly disconnecting, a power cycle seems to reset it for a few days.

  • I am also having this issue as of today.

    Quite frustrating as I am using the MQTT data from the unit for various things around the house.

  • Add me to the list, after working flawlessly for a year mine has stopped connecting. Original display from installer works fine further away so not sure whats going on...

  • Mine is getting worse, seems like I'm not the only one.

  • Just received my CAD today and it's been sitting for over 6 hours still not getting any data from the smart meter. Wifi is connected and data from the Bright App is fine. The original free HID still connects without any problems.

  • Mine won't connect at all now, I know the meter is connected to the DCC because readings are still coming through on the Bright app.

  • I currently have exactly the same problem:

    CAD -> my home wifi LAN = fine

    My SMETS meters -> IHD = fine

    Glow temp/hum sensor -> CAD = fine


    SMETS gas & electricity -> = perpetually "Finding your smart meter"

    Frustrating as the CAD device seems quite locked down in terms of all important SMETS2 -> CAD communication...

    Also, I'm with Good Energy in case it's anything to do with the supplier...

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