Bright App - Should there be a direct Gas Meter Device


Under the Devices on the App, should there be a Gas Meter device durectly registered, similar to the Electricity Meter ?

I do have the Gas Meter via the DCC, but I only purchased the CAD to get more frequent access / near real time to Gas Consumption.

At the moment, I have

  • Gas Meter - DCC Sourced
  • Electricity Meter - DCC Sourced
  • Glow Display SMETS2
  • Electricity Smart Meter

but no direct Gas Meter Connection.

Many thanks,



  • Can anybody share a screen shot of your Devices Page ?

  • You can only get the 30 min gas update as the meter only reports at that frequency.

    My device is offline at the moment for some reason but I have a DCC sourced Gas meter, Electricity Smart Meter and the Glow display

  • I only get the DCC Sourced Gas meter, but it can be delayed for many hours rather than 30min. Sometime it’s in the kat hour or so, sometimes many hours or previous day. Basically is not so different than not having the CAD device at all and just using the Bright App and normal DCC connection. I had understood that having the CAD would enable a local direct connection to the Gas Smart Meter with 30 min update cycle.

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