Bright app shows more cost per hour then ihd

My current electric is 27.21p/kwh and it says this on the bright app and also the ihd supplied by octopus. (I can't find a way to see cost per kwh on the glowmarkt one)

What I want to know is why are prices per hour (eg my energy usage) different on the ihd to the app?

For an example when I have everything off but by fridge and freezer and a light Both ihd can show 7p/hour but the bright app will show 9p..

Or the ihd (both of them) while my washer is on show 27p/hour but the app will show 29p.. Its ALWAYS 2p higher.. BUT the "cost today" is the exact same both ihd and app! So how does this work out and why? It's showing correct cost per day, but the live usage costs are off 2p/hour so how does it add up correctly yet show different cost per hour?

(note: I'm no longer on octopus go faster and on a standard tariff with 1 price and now on felixble.. Now it works with actual correct costs but was shame the app rolled out the custom setting tariff too late as now I don't need it, turned out if the app supported it I would seen I was being overcharged on that tariff)


  • In fact my octopus ihd says 27.22 per kwh so by rights should be overestimating but it's odd both ihd show 2p/h less then the app but both the app and bright/glowmarkt supplied ihd shows the correct day/week/month prices (the octopus one doesn't match as its few pence off some reason)

  • Nobody know why?

    Its even worse now. Now its other way around.!

    Right now the App now says 11p hour and the display is 19p an hour.what is correct?

    They are never showing same rates!

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