Bright App Release September 2023

It's great so see the new App released yesterday.

I have tried out some of the new features but have a problem entering my new TOU tariff, Cosy Octopus. Although I have managed to enter the SC and the 3 x tariffs, only two of the tariffs are actually accepted.

I guess this means that TOU is limited to two daily rates only.

I am also having an issue trying to enter my Octopus Tracker gas tariff.

The ADD NEW tab states "If you have a dynamic tariff product please select 'set dynamic tariff from below'.

Sadly while this functionality may be functioning for electricity tariffs, it doesn't appear to have made it to the gas tariff page.

We all understand that there will probably be a few teething problems with a any new version of the App and that these will be sorted out in due course. So still happy to see the new version 🙂


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