Possible recent server outages ?

I'm really not sure if it was something at my end or at the server.

Over the weekend I changed the Glowstick's access to my home network to a revised Wifi client. It was (always has been) a real struggle to update the settings but I eventually managed.

For no apparent reason it stopped communicating just after 4pm on Monday and app displayed a message imploring me to "setup Wifi". I tried to do this but signally failed. However, with no further action from me it burst into life again to log a routine half-hourly reading at 9am Tuesday then worked OK until 19:00 Wednesday - again displaying the "setup Wifi" message with stick showing top light red. + other two green. Apart from disconnecting and reconnecting the USB connection I haven't bothered with anything else in hope that it would reconnect again (as it did on Tuesday morning). But it's still showing one red and two green lights.

I've even logged out of (PC version of) app and back in again to no avail.


  • I was hoping to have heard from support by now.

    Decided to go ahead and re-run the set up wifi procedure.

     Just as much pain as ever but I did finally see the message “Success : you’ve connected stick to internet. Make sure all lights are green.

     They were indeed all green for all of 5 seconds but then top one reverted to red.

     Disconnecting USB then reconnecting set up usual set of flashes but back to :-




     when settled down  and still no connection with either version of app.

    Is anyone else having problems ?


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