Newbie needing help

Hi all.

I am very new to Bright and Home Assistant but I am trying to get something up and running and keep being diverted from one place to another and feel like I'm just treading water.

Quick recap of what I have done and what I want to achieve.

I have solar panels and my smart meter shows a little pylon with an arrow going into it when I am exporting to the grid. I am wanting to get this information into Home Assistant so I can create automations etc which will start a washing machine for example, when we are exporting.

I have added the Hildebrand addon to HA and it seemed to work, albeit delayed (one update a day I think). This has now stopped working which is a side issue. It says every day I have used 0.23kwh which would be fantastic if true. I'll deal with that later.

My question is, what do I need hardware or software wise to be able to achieve what I want? I currently have a Chameleon smart meter with a code of IHD-PPMID underneath and this has been added to the Bright App and shows in HA (again with the wrong data).

I have read about a Bright CAD device but not sure if A) it will help me achieve what I want and B) if I need it at all and could achieve it with what I currently have.

Thank you in advance.


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