Tariff rate change not reflected on IHD

Hi, we have recently had a tariff change, but this is not reflected by what is reported by the Glow IHD. Is this something that takes time to percolate down to the local smart meter, or is there some other problem?

Secondly, after a recent solar panel installation, we now have a new export MPAN number. Do I need to do anything with this with regard to Glow ( I can already see a daily export, and cumulative export value on my IHD and by MQTT.


Ian Sutherland


  • I gave up on using or expecting the price on the IHD to reflect the truth. The IHD and Glow App reflect the prices loaded into the meter, they have no control over them, it's all down to the supplier. I have spent months and many many emails to Octopus to try and keep mine correct but they are are still wrong. The glow system has no way of correcting old duff data so even if you do manage to correct them the historical data will be wrong so the cost comparison option is of limited use.

    Glow does does not support export, it has been promised for a few years but is unlikely to appear anytime soon.

    I created my own solution based on the Glow CAD and Home Assistant and now never use the Glow App...

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