IHD Firmware release 1.7.0

Yesterday I released 1.7.0, initially to users of our Octopus Agile Screen.

•Allow updateable text fields in  Server Delivered Screens

•Bluetooth Environmental Sensor Support

•Reduce tls input buffer to 2k

•Reduce tls output buffer to 4kB (from 16 kB)

•Changed wifi setup screen join and cancel buttons text to start with an upper case letter

•Minor bug fixes.


  • Reduce tls input buffer to 2k

  • Thanks for this - looking good! I'm intrigued by the support for bluetooth environmental sensors. The only one I'm aware of is this one by OMRON: https://uk.farnell.com/omron/2jcie-bl01/environment-sensor-0-to-100-rh/dp/2906718. Will we be able to pair up a sensor and see the readings on the IHD?

    I noted in previous release notes that the current rate displayed on the IHD is reported by the meter and not the current Agile rate. I had a quick look on my Aclara meter and the correct current Agile tariff rate is displayed there. Is this just not reported correctly to the HAN?

    For example, right now I'm consuming 0.85kW and the IHD is telling me that's currently £0.28/hour, but I can see the current Agile unit rate is £0.24/kWh. Earlier in the day the IHD was reporting £0.10/hour, so it does look as though a variable tariff is being reported. The Bright app is reporting that £/hr is 0.21 - which is correct, based on the current unit rate and current consumption.

  • The IHD calculates what the cost WOULD be for the next hour - ie looking at the current and next two rates

    The app will do the same soon

    Info on the sensors will be available soon

    If you tap the agile screen on the IHD what happens?

  • Ahh... I see. Apologies - I just spotted that note on the your latest "Octopus Agile Rates screen update" post.

    To be honest, I'd much prefer to see an instantaneous value that relates to the instantaneous load, e.g. 0.85kw is £0.21/hour right now at the current rate, as the load could vary wildly during the next hour (tumble dryer going on, car charging, etc.) Also, not sure how this value can be calculated reliably around 15:30 to 16:30 if the next days rates are not yet available? It would be great if this was a configurable option.

    Tapping on the agile screen flips between the rates graph and the screen with current consumption, £/hour, £ today, etc. Love the ability to see how tomorrow's rates compare to today's. One request for the graph would be to make the blue axis marker font a little bit larger if possible, as it's pushing the limits of my eyesight on the IHD screen. 😄

    One other thing I noticed was a discrepancy between what the server screens and Bright app report as the Today/Week/Month values and the values on the home screen. Is that just update lag due to the 5 and 15-minute fetch windows on the server screens?

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