Bungled gas meter install - supposedly fixed now, but no readings.

Hi folks.

I had my smart meters installed in October 2022 but the engineer failed to correctly commission the gas meter. Electric has always been fine, but in the first few days the occasional gas messages I got had an empty JSON payload - values all zeros or nulls. It then stopped sending MQTT for gas completely. After 6 months of complaining, the gas meter received a message saying it had been commissioned and my other IHD (Ivie Bud) started reporting gas consumption - but that doesn't help with MQTT.

The Glow display is unchanged and says "consumption data not yet available, it is being read from your meter". The meter has been working properly, apparently, for a couple of days now but the Glow just won't play.

I can see the Gas meter commissioning date has appeared in the Bright app, but nothing is happening. Is there a consensus on how long I need to wait before it starts sending MQTT? I popped the batteries out of the Glow to "cold" start it in the event it's somehow got stuck, but no dice.

Any help much appreciated. Alex.


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