Money day/week/month cumulative total data via Local MQTT?

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I notice that the Glow Display in "money" mode can show figures for "£ today", "£ this week" and "£ this month" (as well as "£ per hour") - can these be added to one of the Local MQTT sensor topics?

For example, taking the example from the announcement blog (, perhaps there could be a new sub-section for "money" under "import"?

"electricitymeter": {
   "timestamp": "2022–06–01T16:32:16Z",
   "energy": {
     "export": {
       "cumulative": 0,
       "units": "kWh"
     "import": {
       "cumulative": 201.95,
       "day": 1.05,
       "week": 0,
       "month": 0,
       "units": "kWh",
       "mpan": "9012224001407",
       "supplier": "— -",
       "price": {
         "unitrate": 0.20862,
         "standingcharge": 0.28403
       "money": {
         "day": 0.50,
         "week": 1.22,
         "month": 10.83,
         "perhour": 0.07,
         "units": "GBP"
  "power": {
    "value": 0.063,
    "units": "kW"

It's more of a "nice-to-have" as the current data is sufficient to calculate these numbers downstream (as long as they have been recorded for the whole time period), but given that the Display/CAD is already calculating them it probably wouldn't take much to read them and add them to the Local MQTT message?


  • If you know the tariff then the amount can be calculated using simple maths.

  • Yes, as long as it was recorded for the whole period and/or we assume the costs haven't changed during the time period. Hence why this is more of a "nice-to-have".

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