Local MQTT into InfluxDB v2.6

Hi, I recently recieved a glow smart meter. I have it set up and feeding into Home Assistant successfully via a local MQTT broker.

However, I'd like to take the MQTT feed directly into InfluxDB via Telegraf. I know I can feed it from HA into InfluxDB but I'd like to cut out HA from the loop if possible.

I can subscribe to the feed from the CLI but I can't make sense of how to parse the feed in Telegraf for input to Influxdb.

Has anyone done this and able to help?


  • You just need to put an MQTT input plugin configuration section into your telegraf.conf file - see https://www.influxdata.com/integration/mqtt-telegraf-consumer/ . The topic will be the topic you are sending data to, and the data_format should be set to json. You dont need to do any extra parsing - the data gets loaded into influxdb with just this

  • Ahha, thanks @antxxxx. Trust me to over complicate things.

    Just to clarify in my mind.

    if I do something along the lines of....


        servers = [ "tcp://localhost:1883" ]

        topics = [ "glow/XXXXXXX/SENSOR/#" ]

        data_format = "json"

        data_type = "?????"

    to pick up all the sensor data for /electricitymeter and /gasmeter. Will I need to define the data_type (which I think are all float)?

  • You dont even need the data_type. This is all I have in my config and it works great


        servers = [ "tcp://localhost:1883" ]

        topics = [ "glow/#" ]

    topic_tag = "glow"

        data_format = "json"

  • Brilliant, thanks for that I'll try it when I get in.

  • edited May 2023

    Worked a treat. Took me a while to figure how to feed it into a different bucket but once I figured that it works perfectly. Thanks @antxxxx.

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