Economy 7 hours & switch to BST


I am on economy 7 with off-peak between 00:30 to 07:30 GMT. Economy 7 is fixed to GMT. So, with British Summer time, my off peak times are 01:30 to 08:30 BST. This is pretty much standard with all timer based E7 meters.

However, Bright is using on 00:30 to 07:30 BST currently and showing the cost of use incorrectly.

I have read other threads that say Bright takes its data from the meter but the meter is correctly changing register at 00:30 GMT / 01:30 BST. The Liberty 101 meter time shows BST (unlike my previous non-smart digital meter which only showed GMT).

Is this a limitation of the Bright App that it does not update for BST or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Many thanks...


  • I noticed exactly the same issue. I tend to run washing machine in the morning between 7.30 and 8.30 BST. Which is of course 6.30-7.30 GMT and during my cheap rate.

    When viewed on the app, it shows cheap rate ending at 7.30 and the spike from the washing machine continuing to 8.30. The charges for that hour are calculated and displayed by the app on the higher day rate, which is incorrect.

    I could be wrong, but assumed the app is working totally in GMT, but taking its clock from my phone and getting confused by the BST.

    It would be good to get this fixed as every day my energy estimates from Bright are wrong.

  • I have seen there is a timezone setting. For me this is set to UTC+1.

    I read in another thread that this can be changed, though according to that thread the change is not persistent.

    Unfortunately I cannot change the setting as the button is greyed out, but maybe with some experimentation, changing this could get the time and rates to display correctly?

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