gas meter showing kwh instead of volume

Hi all, i have a strange one,

The mqtt for my gas meter is showing kwh instead of volume?

But what's even weirder is while the day figure goes up correctly in line with the app throughout the day,

The cumulative only increases throughout the day like a tenth of the day value?

Also the volunits figures are the same as the normal figures?

{"gasmeter":{"timestamp":"2023-04-12T22:34:04Z","energy":{"import":{"cumulative":2013.418,"day":38.435,"week":84.588,"month":281.770,"units":"kWh","cumulativevol":2013.418,"cumulativevolunits":"kWh","dayvol":38.435,"weekvol":84.588,"monthvol":281.770,"dayweekmonthvolunits":"kWh","mprn":"not available","supplier":"---","price":{"unitrate":null,"standingcharge":0.29106}}}}}
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