Missing gas meter readings?

From about Thursday afternoon/evening (6 April) the gas readings on the GlowIHD stopped coming through. Anyone else having this issue? Glow IHD is on 1.9.1, SMETS2 meters, Utility Warehouse’s IHD is reporting gas readings correctly.

The gasmeter object in Node-RED shows null for all the time-based values except cumulative.


The Glow state looks fine, too


Any ideas? Related to the recent firmware upgrade?


  • I was googling the same problem and mine stopped at the same time although I also have no gas data with octopus as well to be fair an they're saying its a weak signal although I have had no problems up until then. I was actually googling for some sort of signal booster I can put between the gas meter and electric meter which I believe the Zigbee cad can do but only for SMETS1. My CAD/Display is still showing electric

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    I’m not convinced by my previous comment about the UW IHD giving gas readings. It seems to be stuck at £2.04. Next check: is the gas meter’s battery dead after just a few years?

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