Octopus Agile Rates screen update

Today I will be releasing a new version of the Agile rates screen.

In addition to the rates for today and tomorrow it shows cost for

Today - This week - This month

Please note that the numbers are not 'realtime' but are updated every 30 minutes.


  • Nice work, thanks very much for a great new feature.

  • You are welcome - I have to admit I did it because I am on Agile at home ;-)

  • Can you give me idiot-proof directions as to how to access this screen? My CAD is saying that it is at v1.6.0. Thanks.

  • Hi Ian - it does not look like you have advised us that you are on agile

    Please send and email to support@glowmarkt.com saying you want the agile tariff enabled and what date you started on agile

    and that you want the agile rate screen enabled as well

  • clive - should I be logging on via the Glowmarkt section in the config (which I cannot seem to figure out), or do I need to let you know I am on Agile (I have for the App).

  • Hi - sorry I missed this - yes just email support and ask for the Agile screen

  • Sorry to resurect this 3 year old thread.

    Does the Glow IHD display the half hourly rates on screen for new agile customers?

    The additional information section on the product page on at glowmarkt suggests it will for original agile customers but doesn’t mention new ones.

  • Hi Clivee

    Now that the 35p cap is now more, could the firmware on the IHD be updated to reflect that?

    At the moment any value on the graph over 35p will flatline at 35p



  • Cna this be sorted yet?

    The app shows agile fine but its not showing on the display at all!

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