Gas consumption units - Glowmarkt CSV file

Comparing data for gas consumption between. Bright app and Glowmarkt download CSV file.

Taking the my 27 Mar 2023 consumption as example

Bright App 64.56 KWh (this is in good agreement with my supplier reading)

GlowMarkt 0.065 Wh

Surely the Glowmarkt gas consumption value is either a wrong conversion the unit wrong.

I kWh = 1000 Wh

from the Bright app this would be 64.56 x 1000 = 64,560 Wh

So the only way to make sense of the GlowMarkt value is if the unit is MWh and not Wh.

I MWh = 1000 kWh

Then from the GlowMarkt csv download

0.065 MWh = 65.00. KWh.

In summary the GlowMarkt csv should show

either 65,000 WH

or 65.00 kWh

or 0.065 MWh

and not 0.065 Wh.

I would be grateful if anyone can check my working out please.

Thank you



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