Smart Meter IHD helped prevent a potential house fire!

edited April 2023 in General

We've had a version 1 smart meter for a few years now but the original In Home Display (IHD) was never that useful, so I upgraded it to a Glowmarkt device.

The new one has the usual usage display but also an LED that shows usage levels at a glance. When we shut down for the night it's always green, as we'd expect, but this time however it was pink, so what had we left on? I checked over the usual devices and all was in order. Then Mrs P noticed that the dog's Adaptil plug-in vapouriser plug was smelling (too) strongly of hot plastic: we unplugged it and the IHD light went back to green. We've never really trusted burner/vapouriser plugs but got one for our new dog to help settle in at night - the plug has now gone into the recycling bin. What a lucky escape for us and the dog!

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