IHD Firmware release 1.9.0 Update

There is an issue with the FW which prevents the MQTT client from successfully connecting to the configured broker.

1) This issue seems to affect a very small number of users.

2) We have a fixed version (1.9.99) of the FW which is available on request by emailing support@glowmarkt.com. Please include the MAC address if your IHD and also please include the make/model or your router/wifi access point - we are trying to understand if the issue is tied to specific hardware.

3) Assuming we see no more issues with the patched version we will release it as production version 1.9.1 in the next day or so.

4) I can only apologize for this, but in extensive beta testing the issue did not occur.


  • We have pushed out to the people with issues a final beta 1.9.98

    Assuming we hear of no more issues overnight from anyone on 1.9.98 (and no new issues) we will release that tomorrow as 1.9.1

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