IHD Firmware release 1.9.0

We have today released the above.

It is currently being rolled out to all SMETS2 IHD - SMETS1 will follow as soon as this is complete - sometime tonight/tomorrow.

Apart from the usual bug fixes this version adds direct support for up to three of our environmental sensors


In addition

 Gas meter values screen, show meter read (summation) with default meter units and allow to switch to kWh units (only if the meter units are not kWh) by clicking on the meter read value.

Prepayment credit warning state doesn't show supply cut off state unless we have made all the possible checks based on the currently read attributes.


  • Already got my update this afternoon :)

    Made a post asking about it

    The sensors look cool just a little expensive

  • I believe I got the update earlier today (I see the aforementioned sensor config), but unfortunately local mqtt appears to have stopped working for me with an unknown error. I've connected from an mqtt client with the same credentials and it seems to work fine, but not from the IHD. I've re-entered the details, and rebooted the IHD. It otherwise connects to my network fine.

    Is there a chance there's been a regression in that area?

    Thanks in advance

  • Anything is possible - can you open a ticket at support@glowmarkt.com stating the MAC of your device

  • @brins0 I have reverted your IHD for now and your mqtt is now working

  • We are getting more reports of a strange issue with local mqtt - we will probably pull this update and revert

    I will advise here shortly if we do.

  • Further update - we have a possibly fix - it has gone out to 5 users who reported an issue and so far the 2 who have reported say it is fixed.

    If the others report the same we will do a production release tomorrow.

    In the meantime if you having an issue please open a ticket at support@glowmarkt.com and ask to be put on the test release for local mqtt issues.

  • Heya, apologies for the delay. It all appears to be working after the reversion, many thanks for the speedy action. Given the above, do you still need me to email you with the mac address of my IHD or is this no longer necessary?

  • Heyo! I’m also seeing the issue with local MQTT unfortunately; seemed to drop at ~2:30PM BST on 2023-03-27.

    Thought it was something I’d done but then noticed the new sensors option and realised there’d been an update! Oddly relieved I’ve not broken anything 😂

  • Update:

    1) This issue seems to affect a very small number of users

    2) We have a fixed version (1.9.99) of the FW which is available on request by emailing support@glowmarkt.com. Please include the MAC address if your IHD and also please include the make/model or your router/wifi access point - we are trying to understand if the issue is tied to specific hardware.

    3) Assuming we see no more issues with the patched version we will release it as production version 1.9.1 in the next day or so.

    4) I can only apologize for this, but in extensive beta testing the issue did not occur.

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