Odd Situation - Glow CAD Local Export and Itron EM425-UK/EK410-UK Meter/Comms Hub

Dear all,

I wonder if I could quiz the community to see if anyone is in a similar situation.

I have an Itron EM425-UK & EK410-UK Meter and Communications Hub combination (SMETS1 but meter updated to allow transition between suppliers etc). The hardware is communicating via the O2 Telefonica 2g network on 900Mhz to the DCC and I can see up to date 30min usage values (with a 24 hour delay) on the octopus app.

My SMETS1 Glow CAD is displaying the current electricity usage correctly and broadcasting electricity usage (and standing charge/cost per unit) correctly locally via MQTT to home assistant. It is also sending this data correctly to Hildebrand so it can be seen in the bright app.

Unfortunately the Glow CAD is not displaying or broadcasting gas usage data locally on MQTT. It is correctly retrieving the standing order and cost per unit values (which have changed recently). I am told by Jane at Glow that it is however able to collect this data and send this to bright (30 minute updates) - again these values are visible in the app.

Does anyone have any similar experiences with the Glow SMETS1 CAD and this meter combination?

Any tips or advice?

Support ticket in with Glow.

Please see MQTT data below.

Many thanks,


General device info:

    "software": "v1.8.13",
    "timestamp": "2023-03-20T18:02:40Z",
    "hardware": "GLOW-IHD-01-1v4-SMETS1",
    "wifistamac": "REDACTED",
    "ethmac": "REDACTED",
    "smetsversion": "SMETS1",
    "eui": "REDACTED",
    "zigbee": "1.2.5",
    "han": {
        "rssi": -69,
        "status": "joined",
        "lqi": 124


    "electricitymeter": {
        "timestamp": "2023-03-20T18:02:33Z",
        "energy": {
            "export": {
                "cumulative": 0,
                "units": "kWh"
            "import": {
                "cumulative": 25939.449,
                "day": 14.809,
                "week": 14.809,
                "month": 411.664,
                "units": "kWh",
                "mpan": "not available",
                "supplier": "---",
                "price": {
                    "unitrate": 0.3301,
                    "standingcharge": 0.479
        "power": {
            "value": 0.512,
            "units": "kW"


    "gasmeter": {
        "timestamp": "2023-03-20T18:02:29Z",
        "energy": {
            "import": {
                "cumulative": 0.125,
                "day": 0,
                "week": 0,
                "month": 0,
                "units": "kWh",
                "cumulativevol": 11138.7,
                "cumulativevolunits": "m3",
                "dayvol": 0,
                "weekvol": 0,
                "monthvol": 0,
                "dayweekmonthvolunits": "m3",
                "mprn": "unsupported",
                "supplier": "---",
                "price": {
                    "unitrate": 0.1024,
                    "standingcharge": 0.2684


  • Replying to myself here but got this working. Ended up using the cumulative vol reading (which was actually increasing). This was a m3 value, so using some yaml code in HA managed to extract a half hourly usage value.

    Display not showing gas usage but I guess thats because the meter does not output a reading in kWh for it to display.

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