Gas and Elec data for 13-Mar has come through on same day, but no data for 12-Mar?!?

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Have picked-up gas and electric data for today (when I normally only see the previous day's data around mid-morning the next day), but the dataset for the past 48 hours doesn't include any gas or electric data for yesterday! My process won't cope with old data becoming available after more recent data has arrived!! Please don't do this!

(Correction, Electricity data shows for 00:00-06:00 on 12-Mar, but then nothing until 23:30 on 12-Mar)


  • Hi @drcombes - we aren't actively doing anything - we run schedules against the DCC and rely on the DCC response. It could be a local meter issue and low response times on their part.

    As always, for individual questions, please contact support.

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