IHD keeps disconnecting recently

Anybody else having issues with their IHD recently ? Past couple of weeks Ive had to force reboot 3 or 4 times to get it to connect back to the Smart Meter....it's been stable for months and nothing has changed here.

Wifi is connected fine, just randomly getting the yellow Exclamation marks on one or both readings


  • Also appears ive got no Gas records for the past 3 days :-(

  • Hello @Groove - it sounds as though it is local to your HAN - and may be an issue around your Comms Hub perhaps? or have you put anything new in your home between the unit and the electricity meter that is metallic?

    Please drop a link to support@ if the problem continues and we'll put some remote debug on the unit to see if we can identify what is happening.

  • I've suddenly had this problem too - both my Shell Energy (spits!) IHD and my Glow IHD both lose connection many times per day.

    Only started happening a few days ago.

    Strange that others are reporting the same ...

  • I've had this a lot recently. I'll go for days with no issue whatsoever and then I'll have a day of no data. Bit frustrating is I feed the data into Home Assistant and it doesn't elegantly display the issue meaning the interface as an ugly error message.

  • Hello @PostmanPat (love the handle!) and @Noddy1878 - the clue for Pat is that both IHDs are losing connections many times per day. That is local to you and could be your Communications Hub going down / not reporting.

    @Noddy1878 - this also sounds similar.

    We are entirely reliant on the local communications infrastructure and, unsurprisingly, there are issues from time to time. You'll need to ask your energy supplier for guidance.

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