Nothing for today - only historic data?

edited February 2023 in Bright App

After a bumpy couple of days when I thought this wasn't working at all, I have started seeing data appearing in the app (SMETS2 btw, without a Glowmarkt device).

It seems to have settled down now and I am now seeing data, but only historic - I can see yesterday's and the day before back to when I first created the account, but I am not seeing today's data today. I will see it tomorrow when it becomes yesterday's data.

Is this right? Seems a poor limitation to me if it is. It's also throwing out my Home Assistant integration (which I know is a 3rd party thing and so wouldn't expect Glowmarkt to support that side) because the data flowing into Home Assistant just basically says "0" every 30 minutes and doesn't update yesterday's values.


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