Will I be able to get the data with these problems?

My situation:

I am with Eon. Their 'smart" meter is supplying full electric and gas data to my SMETS2 IHD. Their own app has only ever shown gas, never electricity usage.

Eon is receiving automatic meter readings for both electric and gas

I downloaded the Bright app and registered, but historically only received gas consumption, not electric.

On the Bright app, both meters show data consent

I'm implementing homeassistant and now want to get the electricity and gas usage into the dashboards.


If I purchase the Glow Display and CAD, will it give me the information I need to integrate into homeassistant, taking into account the above issues.

In other words, if the Bright app isn't seeing the data, will the Glow display pick it up so it can be channeled to homeassistant?

I'm not entirely sure at which point the Glow gets its data.

I hope someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance

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