Octopus Tracker - tariffs are incorrect in CAD


I've been using the CAD with local MQTT without any issues until I have recently changed from EDF to Octopus Tracker. Looks like Octopus can't cope with updating meter tariffs daily, not an issue, I have this going to my Home Assistant and I do the calculation there myself and it works well. Only problem I have is that both the company and Glow's IHD are not useful for prices, they can still show how much I've been using in kwH.

Is there anyone here that is on any tariff like that that sees the same issue?


  • I have the same issue. I've emailed support but no reply yet.

  • So I got to the bottom of this, looks like Octopus is not able to update the smart meters daily with the corresponding tariffs and that's why we have it wrong. I use HomeAssistant and I've been getting the rates and calculating it myself from Octopus API.

  • I had a similar problem and had no luck with emailing Octopus. I called them and they managed to sort it out in a day.

    Try phoning them on 0808 164 1088, and then the magic happens.

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