Glow delight invite?

So got invited to glow delight which apparently is the whole use less energy at busy times to save the grid etc.

However, I've been doing this on octopus for months now (they started it in November) and they pay per unit not used.

My issue is the message I got on bright app say this:

"If you sign up, over the next few weeks there will be times when we'll ask if you can reduce your energy consumption for a set period. Each time you participate in an event you have the chance to win £1,000, YOU CAN ONLY BE SIGNED UP TO ONE SERVICE AT A TIME, so if you want to use Glow Delight you will have to OPT OUT of your other service provider. To participate give us your consent in Bright from the left side menu under Glowmarkt. You can withdraw consent at any time within Bright"

So I COULD win £1000 (prob 1/100000 chance) BUT I have to not do it via Octopus? If true.. Then sorry but I'd rather get money off EVERY bill/session than have no money off but a "chance to win" £1k too much of a gamble as I'm already struggling with bills and each session knocks half a day of energy costs back into my account.

But the terms I skimmed and see no mention so I'm confused.. Can you or can't you use this along with the octopus saving sessions (or other energy provider etc) as the Inbox says no but the terms (that I can see) don't seem to say anything


  • I initially gave consent for this but have since revoked it.

    This is because I realised, as you have, that Hildebrand have replaced the usual per-kWh incentive payment with a chance to win a prize.

    A rather remote chance too.

  • Sorry @hughb8on , it is stated in the Terms & Conditions:

    2.4 There will be multiple turn down windows ("Sessions") throughout the Service period for which we will advise you of the details. You will decide which events you wish to participate in. Prior to each Session, we will send you a notification of the Session window and the available payment per kWh turn down (the "Incentive"). The Incentive is not fixed and may be different for each Session.

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    Thank you @jerry3561. I stand corrected.

    The fact that two people have made the same mistake suggests it might be worth mentioning the incentive in the message, rather than just in the T&C.

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    Hello all,

    Many thanks for pointing out that error in the Terms & Conditions which we are getting corrected - thanks for taking the time to let us know. To clarify, we are not paying per kWh saved.

    We are trying this mechanism to award money for those who save as the transaction costs to pay every participant who manages to reduce consumption during an event would be high and we thought it would be interesting to try this alternative approach. Energy suppliers have mechanisms to financially reimburse their customers, we do not as the App is free and we have no financial details for Bright users.

    The odds will be much better than 1 in 100,000 - we aren't an energy supplier with millions of customers, or even hundreds of thousands.

    Happy to hear your thoughts. As you said @Dragonwolf5589 - as you're already on the Octopus offer that suits you, this is moot for you. But for people whose suppliers aren't running the service, this is a possible alternative that might be of interest.

  • So far I have participated in 8 Energy Shift events with Eon Next and on the 3 occasions when they say I met the target I have earned a total of £19.21 which was way in excess of what I was expecting. For 5 occasions when I smashed the target (thanks to Bright) they said I failed. At the same time countless people are sitting in the dark for an hour and earning just 5p. This time I did not receive an invite from Eon Next and so on this occasion I will be delaying the charging of our 2 electric vehicles and starting at 5:30pm. That'll show em.

  • So is this a draw or a competition to save most?

    The message says "If you reduce your consumption enough, you'll go into the draw", but after the event it says "You saved 0.952 kWh, which amounts to a 67% reduction from your normal consumption. Our winner from Gloucester reduced their electricity consumption by 87%."

    So was I in the draw? I don't see the relevance of how much the winner reduced by.

  • @plineok - you were over the threshold for entry to the prize draw so would've been entered. It is just a prize draw and not a competition to save as much as possible. The information about how much the winner won is just fun info to know I think.

  • Hello everyone - to clarify, you need to have reduced your energy consumption by at least 30% to go into the draw - but once in the draw, the odds are even across everyone who qualified - saving more or less once you meet the threshold saves you money on your bill if you do reduce a lot but doesn't affect your likelihood of winning. (Thank you to @unknownT for explaining correctly!).

    We've updated the Delight page on our web site and put together a set of FAQ for everyone - if you've suggestions on further questions we need to answer, please let us know here or drop an email to support@.

    We had a saving of 52% across all our participants for the first event last week - from which we chose a single winner of £1,000 and five second prizes of £50 each. Well done everyone !

    The odds aren't too bad - we had one thousand people sign up and they didn't all meet the threshold.

  • Happy Saturday all.

    This week's winners have been informed - winner reduced by 42% and the 5x£50 second prizes reduced by 30%, 76%, 73% and 69% - you are all officially amazing! Again, selection is random as long as you meet the 30% threshold.

    I've seen a few other posts about penalising battery owners - I guess the challenge is that National Grid are targeting this proposition to people who can reduce consumption during periods of peak demand. As we all move to more electrification, I guess there will be other incentives to people with batteries in future to discharge at critical peak times.

  • Hi everyone - thank you for participating. We've now told all six £1,000 winners and the 30 £50 winners that their money is waiting (if we haven't already paid you).

    Commendations to you all - as you'll remember, the threshold is 30% for selection but the various winners typically saved well over that percentage (selection of winners was random once they met the threshold) - typically between 45% and 84% - BRAVO!

    Do let us know if you've any suggestions for the future. The only thing I don't think we'd ever do is individual payments for savings per event as, unlike a supplier, we don't have a vehicle to reimburse that is quick and efficient and, lots of others have pursued that route.

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