Latest Meter Readings

Hi there,

I've just joined the community and discovering how to use the API. I do not have a CAD and am instead obtaining the DCC data from midnight last night (which is fine for my purposes now).

So far I've created a token with Auth and can see my Virtual Entries. When i attempt to do a 'current' or 'meterread' for 'electricity consumption' I get no data or not implemented. And then when i try to use the resource period for 'readings' as per below it gives me the usage for the timeframe (eg 1 hour). How can i change this to get the last raw/absolute meter reading?

api .. /resource/{id}/readings?from=2023-01-23T00:00:00&to=2023-01-23T23:59:59&period=PT1H&offset=0&function=sum

Two questions really, can i use a different value for 'function=' above to get raw value (know of sum or avg)? Or is there another endpoint I can use to get the last DCC meter reading?

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  • I too am interested in obtaining electricity meter readings via the DCC, at least at month-end and ideally daily for a complete month?

    Is this possible? The documentation suggests that it should be, but I also receive 'not implemented' as the response.



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