Changing energy supplier and Glow Display


I have a Glow SMETS2 display that has been working perfectly since I got in the summer of 2022.

I’m now looking to energy supplier.

Will the transfer to the new supplier “break” the IHD’s link to my smart meter? Anything I need to do when the energy supplier changes to make sure it keeps working?




  • Of course, “I’m now looking to energy supplier” should read “I’m now looking to change energy supplier”. 🙄

  • The IHD is paired to the meter - the supplier is irrelevant. So change away...

    Another way of looking at it is the fact that no new supplier will give you a new IHD - you are expected to carry on with the one you already have.

  • Great. Thanks. I look forward to a seamless change over :-)

  • I changed supplier in October but they have only just pushed the correct gas tariff, supplier etc info to my Chameleon IHD. This happened yesterday, including message on Chameleon IHD saying welcome to Octopus.

    However my Glow IHD is still showing old gas tariff info. How do I "flush" it through? I've turned it on and off a few times.

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