Local MQTT feed missing CO2 data

Firstly, hello. I discovered Hildebrand/Glow/Bright just yesterday and I've quickly disappeared down a rabbit hole. My Glow CAD arrived this morning and I've been looking at the data sent out using the local MQTT publisher. Very impressed so far. I have noticed something, that is by no means a deal breaker, just a curiosity.

On the CAD display, on the electricity pages, I can scroll through today's cost, today's usage and today's kgCO2 figure, but in the MQTT messages being output, the kgCO2 figure is missing. Is this being calculated internally, if so is there a formula? If it is being picked up directly from my meter, is it possible to have this value added to the MQTT feed?


  • We send a constant value down to the CAD, in theory it can change with area you are in, time of day, etc. I don't think we are updating it often. Right now it is:

    Natural gas has a conversion factor of about 0.185, e.g. 1,000 kWh of gas used is responsible for the production of 185kg CO2 (0.185 x 1000 kWh)

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