IHD not same as MQTT received values

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I recently purchased and setup the IHD and also integrated it using the Home Assistant MQTT tutorial.

For some reason the figures are not always matching. What's strange though is that the mqtt received values are higher than the actual display, which I thought would be the other way round if anything/delay.

It seems to be the Gas that's wrong. I understand the gas is only updated once every 30 mins however the value on the display should be able to report the same as the unit is sending to Home Assistant via MQTT surely?

Example: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ooejnw5h8vJnPcPs7




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    Ah, it appears the IHD is either not adding the standing charge to the gas figure shown on the display for Cost Today, or the MQTT feed value is adding it twice, so the HA value is wrong.

    It's all fine for the electricity figure shown on the display for Cost Today and via MQTT though.


  • Please can someone come back to me on this? I've purchased the device and it doesn't show me the correct figures.

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    They probably would if you emailed the support address rather than posting again and again on a users forum...


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