IHD Firmware release 1.6.0 notes

FW 1.6.0 was released this morning with two new features

1) Visual indication of no server connection despite being on wifi - an ! overlaid on the wifi symbol

2) Ability to receive and display custom screens.

The first custom screen to be delivered is to display Octopus Agile Rates

This shows the rates for today, and where available (ie after ~ 17:00) the rates for tomorrow as well

It must be stressed that is NOT the IHD using those numbers to calculate the cost of consumption - that still relies on the rates in the meter. It is planned for a future release to use the rates for the IHD display but it is a big chunk of work that has to fit around paying projects.

The server screen acts as an alternate home screen - you can either touch the screen itself or use the home button to get to the original home screen

Another touch on the home button will display the Agile rates.

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