API - electricity.consumption.cost displays units as "W" not "pence"

Dear Hive,

I am currently trying to display the current electricity cost on my system - similar to the home page on the Bright App, I have the electricity.consumption value returned correctly with the correct "units" (W). However when requesting the electricity.consumption.cost value I get the same "data" and "units" values returned from the electricity.consumption call.

The request I am using is,


JSON returned is,


"status": "OK",

"name": "electricity cost",

"resourceTypeId": "78859e39-611e-4e84-a402-1d4460abcb56",

"resourceId": "f6def7be-993a-409f-9c67-7a919a853efa",

"data": [






"units": "W",

"classifier": "electricity.consumption.cost"


As you can see the "units": "W"

Thanks all in advance


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