Bright app Gas completely different to IHD

Anybody else seeing this ?

My Gas consumption in the Bright App is orders of magnitude different to what my IHD displays

This week Monday

Bright App £4.67

IHD £0.43


Bright App £4.28

IHD - £0.30


Bright App - £3.90

IHD - £0.65

Todays is looking close at the moent, but ive got a feeling something happens in the evenings on the IHD and all the days consumption to that point gets lost and seems to reset. Ill monitor today, but something funky going on


  • ive had this problem for over 3 years with the IHD from british gas

    then i got the IHD from glowmarkt and it was the same issue you are having

    the issue is with the gas meter not having the correct pricing

    my gas meter shows a standing charge of 0.28485p but unit rate is NULL (0.0000p), yet my gas price on the display goes up every so often

    ive spoke to british gas on many a times and they just cant fix the issue, the gas meter wont accept any prices at all

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