Plugin now available for Indigo Domotics

edited June 2020 in API Info

Hi all,

I use a Mac based commercial home automation product called Indigo Domotics, and I have written a plugin that both consumes the MQTT feed (another users plugin does the MQTT heavy lifting) and also utilises the API. I also then feed the data into Grafana using yet another plugin. Plugin is on GitHub and in the none commercial Indigo plugin store which just hosts user contributions.

Screenshot of the Grafana integration is in this thread. If anyone is looking for a rock solid Mac based HA product with extensive community support then I would also recommend taking a look. A small but active UK community, and support for many associated technologies like Tesla, I Pace, Leaf car plugins, Powerwall and Ocotopus Agile as well as every HA integration you could want.

Thanks to the team for the support in getting me up and running with my account. Hopefully It will encourage some people to adopt this excellent capability.


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