Bright app no gas data.

Had the bright app just over one month now it shows my electricity usage but no historical data only from when I signed up. Gas data only shows my standing charge? Looking at devices it says my electric meter was seen today 20mins ago but gas says 2nd Nov . Meters are both early smets1 originally installed by british gas when smart meters started being fitted. We are now with eon for the 1st year the BG inhome display did not work with eon but they must have updated the meters as its been working fine for around a year now. Thinking of swapping over to loop as the bright app is not very useful at the moment 🤔

Thanks for any info mike


  • Hi Mike - for specific issues, please email from your Bright account and then we can investigate. As a matter of interest, do you have a Trilliant Comms Hub? if so, this could well be a firmware issue. This may also be why we aren't showing data history from before you signed up which is a known issue for customers with that device.

    FYI, the vast majority of the issues we have with data retrieval would be the same for any DCC Other User - so n3rgy (who power the data behind the Loop App according to their Terms & Conditions) would not be able to retrieve the gas data either.

    Look forward to hearing from you via support :)

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