Did someone receive my Glow?

Did anyone connect their Glow device today for the first time and find that it does not talk to their meter? It might be because it's mine! Mine is apparently connected to the internet, but I don't have it yet.

Oh dear! This could be a fun mystery to solve...

I'm talking to support so I'm sure it will get sorted out somehow.


  • I'm pretty sure mine showed up in the app several days before it arrived due to it being pre-registered to my account before posting.

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    @imilne I know what you mean. Mine started doing that soon after my order. But yesterday it went even further and was saying that the device was last seen some seconds ago. Meaning the Glow device was powered up and connected to the internet.

    It actually stopped and now it says the device was last seen yesterday at 4:57PM. This is around the time customer service were looking into it. They've since told me there was a mix-up and are now sorting it out.

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