Multiple Glow CAD/IHD devices in one home.....

After reading about the local MQTT feature in the Glow IHD, I decided to get hold of one, as I track my energy consumption using Home Assistant, and I'm not particularly fond of cloud-based services. But I'm also not a big fan of Wifi devices for semi-permanent infrastructure applications, so I was interested to read that about the possibility of a 'displayless' version of the Glow being developed that has a proper hardwired Ethernet connection. This could easily live in my garage right next to the electricity meter.

My question is, if I were to purchase one of these when they become available, will my existing Glow IHD continue to connect to my smart meter's HAN, or is it only one Glow device can connect at the same time? I assume using both is possible since my Octopus supplied IHD is still working after setting up the Glow, but thought I should check.

Since the Glow is such a lovely looking piece of kit, I don't really want to relegate it to my kitchen drawer, especially since it's so much more feature laden than the original IHD.

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