Bright app versus British Gas app - different values from the same 'smart' meter

Hi, I did a quick check to make sure that British Gas and Bright showed the same monthly usage (not cost) and found that they sometimes differ. Only the odd couple of months for Electricity and the total was similar but Gas has a massive variance in the total. The fact that British Gas round their figures is not the issue btw.

I am trying to compare this with billing but the random dates they decide to bill doesn't help and no I don't regularly read the 'smart' meter 😀

Is this a known issue?

BTW I have twice caught British Gas billing me with different values to those shown on the Smart Meter at times of a tariff change so my trust is low. Smart meters were supposed to do away with this doubt but there still seems to be multiple versions of the truth 🤔


  • Hello - good news for you from the team here at Glow.

    We are soon going to launch the ability to download a csv of your data - you will be able to choose the granularity and time period you want, and which fuels.

    Hopefully this will help restore your faith in your smart meters - as we are a neutral party in the ecosystem and just retrieve what is on your meters.

    Thanks for using Bright!

  • Same issue for me.....Bright app vs Both BG smart display and Glow IHD show very differnet values some days. Wildly differnet.

  • Hello @Groove - can I check, have you done a refresh on Bright by swiping down or triggering the 'Refresh data' button from the menu?

    If there is still an issue - please drop us an email to, thank you.

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