Glow IHD displaying correct rates, Bright App doesn't

I have a Glow IHD CAD providing local MQTT. When I look at the tariff rates on the IHD then they are correct but the Bright App shows them incorrectly, in fact, it shows that I'm paying -20.696p during the day and 24.44p at night! I seem to have an ongoing battle with Octopus to keep the rates correct but in this case I think something is wrong?

Can I also request that both the Bright App and the IHD provides the facility for the user to override the provided rates as I have more months logged with the wrong tariff than the correct tariff. It's clear that Octopus is incapable of doing this, I wish there was someway of putting pressure on OFGEM to fine providers who don't keep the IHD/meter rates in step with reality.

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