Thresholds for colour coding

What are the threshold values for colour coding the half-hourly graph, and the cumulative kWh today/this week/this month figures?

Are these threshold configurable?


  • Hi there- sorry for not responding earlier. They are currently determined by national thresholds of standard consumption and aren't configurable - we could look at this if there is enough demand.

  • Could you point me at where these values are defined? I've looked in the SMETS2 spec where the IHD requirements are defined, but the actual values aren't included.

  • This isn't determined by the spec - we use consumption (kWh) thresholds, no matter which display period is chosen. These thresholds are determined locally on the IHD using the meter data. Thresholds specifically are:

    • Low to medium 0.3 kW
    • Medium to high 1.5 kW

    The thresholds were set by using Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values for gas and electricity and adjusted slightly to allow more room for Medium levels of consumption to not show as Low or High. The thresholds are calculated separately for the different time periods.

    This will continue to be refined over time.

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