No per-second data on Bright App (iOS)?

Hi There,

I'm new to Glow and Bright so apologies if I'm being daft. I bought the Glow IHD/CAD so that I could have a live view of my energy consumption via the Bright app. At the moment I've no need for MQTT or home assistant integration though I may look at that in the future.

My issue is that since the IHD arrived and I've connected it up I don't have per-second data on my Electricity or Gas tabs in the iOS app - the highest detail I can call up is the 30min option.

I initially set the app/account up against my old Chameleon IHD prior to ordering this new one and was getting a 30min feed there and I guess I was expecting that the UI would automatically add a 1s tab once I'd upgraded. I think I've seen it in screenshots.

On the home screening I can see the overall power reading updating every few seconds, and I've spoken with the support team who say they can see the chart data working fine on my account.

I wondered if someone could tell me if this is a newbie error, a misunderstanding on my part about what Bright can do or a bug of some kind?




  • In case anyone is wondering, the answer is "I'm being daft" and/or "newbie error".

    The per-second information is only available when viewing the electricity graph in "energy" view. I've found the option now but thought I'd leave this response for other newbies who are being daft!



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