Electricity Import figure reported in MWh rather than kWh?

edited October 2022 in Glow IHD/CAD

I recently had my British Gas Landis Gyr E470 electric meter installed, however I have a weird situation where the Electricity Import figure is calculated in MWh rather than kWh and therefore the consumption figures are reported incorrectly on the MQTT topic and Glow CAD.

To fix the issue in Home Assistant I have to add a multiplier (x1000) to convert from MWh to kWh. Oddly the £ cost figures are correctly reported on the Glow CAD and Glow mobile application. It's like the meter has been incorrectly setup by the engineer with the wrong units. Has anyone else experienced this situation?

I found this external thread https://community.eonnext.com/threads/2402-Smart-meter-showing-electrical-Kwh-as-a-decimal-value) with the same issue.

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