Gas data not uploaded to DCC?

I have a Chameleion Technology IHD, a SciFlo gas meter, and the electricity meter is outside and I don't remember what it is.

Electricity is working fine. I can see daily data on my IHD, I can see half-hourly data in the Bright app and also in the Shell Energy app.

For Gas I have not seen any data in either Bright or Shell Energy for several days. The IHD has daily gas data right up until now, with no gaps. IHD is working fine.

I tried menu diving on the gas meter. It is connected to the HAN with a good connection. There are a bunch of event log codes but those are all from the day of the installation.


  1. Assuming the gas meter is on the HAN, and so is the electricity meter, and the electricity meter is happily uploading data via DCC, there's no reason the gas meter shouldn't also be uploading, is there? Nothing in the menus suggests the gas meter is unhappy about anything.
  2. If upload is not working, how much data is stored locally? Is it stored in the meter or in the IHD? Presumably if there is a problem and it resolves, data will just upload then.
  3. If it's an upload problem or a DCC problem, are there any actions I can take? The equivalent of turning it off and on again, perhaps?

Oh, I did find a menu option "WAKE UP" in the gas meter's menu. I selected it. Nothing seemed to happen but the WAKE UP option is no longer there. Maybe that will do something.

For gas, the Bright app shows empty charts. The Shell Energy app says, either, "Gas usage failed to load" or it shows an empty chart and a message box saying, "The last few days are estimated. Nothing to worry about as it can take up to 5 days to process your gas usage data."

The last day I have proper data is 22nd October (6 days ago) so something is funny. Mainly I am wondering if there is anything worth doing besides waiting and hoping.


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