The Strange Affair of the Missing Data...

Following a glow display failure I found that I was receiving zero values for consumption data via the API. This was unexpected.


  • I plugged my original SMETS2 display back in and surprisingly I was now able to retrieve readings data via the Glow API again
  • I was also able to retrieve the missing historic data by running an API query for the relevant time period – the API now appeared to return meaningful data

This is a little odd..

  1. Is there a requirement for a SMETS display to be plugged in for the DCC to receive data
  2. If so, how was I able to retrieve historic data for the period when a display was not connected?

Anyone have any thoughts?

It could have been coincidence of course...

Anyway , now all ok - just waiting for a replacement display to arrive so that I can receive near real time data via Local MQTT again.




  • Hmm. API returning null data again (since 2022-10-18T13:30:00+00:00...).

    Something very odd going on..

    Maybe something to do with the energy supplier pushing the new tariff out to my IHD.

    Time to contact support....

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